SPA Treatment

Gain new energy…

Dear spa guest,

It is my greatest pleasure to welcome you to our spa hotel Venus**** in Karlovy Vary.

Treatments in the Venus hotel at Karlovy Vary are focused on curing the obesity and spine illnesses including back pain. We also treat typical gastroenterological ailments and disorders of metabolism such as diabetes mellitus.

Curative methods would not be that efficient without a team of skilled experts with years of experience in balneology who work in our Venus **** hotel – Karlovy Vary.

Professional guarantor of balneology is the leading physician, Naděžda Pilečková M.D., who has attestation from Neurology, Physiatrics, Balneology and medical rehabilitation. She has almost 10 years of work experience in spa industry in the town of Karlovy Vary.

Also, we have team of skilled masseurs and physiotherapists and nurses, both medical and spa, in the Venus**** hotel Karlovy Vary.

Our curative program is always being composed carefully, because it is our priority that it will suit individual needs of our every patient and adapted to his or her health state. It consists of main and secondary procedures, which in combination bring the expected therapeutic effect.

The whole treatment does not consist only of curative procedures but also of drinking cure, which we will put together for you during the first examination. We also put emphasis on the right diet for you – we will gladly consult it with you and we will provide you with informative materials so you will be able to continue even after the end of spa treatment.

Satisfied and healthy patients are our goal.

The health division of the Venus **** hotel in Karlovy Vary wishes you a nice day.

Head physician
Naděžda Pilečková M.D.